Marric Software, Inc.

What we do

We are the high tech software and consulting source for your specialized computing needs. From custom software development and vertical applications to Internet services and system consulting, we provide a full line of products and technical services that reflect our areas of expertise.

Our niche is in the realm of consumer affairs software, having developed the premier industry system: Consumer Action Tracking System (CATS), a revolutionary software package for managing Consumer Affairs groups and enhancing customer service. Most of our customers can be up and running from installation to actual use within 5 days, and some as little as three days. Our system is built on the premise that it must be easy to use and highly adaptable to our clients' needs. The robust quality of our software allows for flexible tailoring. This customization is simply our way of doing of business. Let us help your company do what it does best: serve your customers and provide the highest quality products and services around.

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